How it works

Thanks to the Merits & Benefits digital platform, making advantageous offers and presenting promotions and discounts is a piece of cake for any company – from small retailers, major chain stores and web-shops to amusement parks.

Affiliated employers significantly raise the purchasing power of their personnel. Employees and members of these organisations always receive highly interesting and attractive advantages.

Employers enjoy an alternative to pay rises

You choose a standard or personalised platform for your company. Merits & Benefits adds your employees so that they too can make the most of the many possibilities. You increase their purchasing power in a simple, straightforward manner. In turn, they'll be happy, motivated employees!

Give the gift of purchasing power

Merchants have an extra sales channel

Are you the owner of a retail store or chain store, a web-shop or an amusement park? With Merits & Benefits, you'll present the staff of countless employers in Belgium discounts and other attractive offers. You'll promote your business directly and with content. This way, you'll reach more than 100,000 employees with purchasing power – it's the way to expand your client list!

Increase your sales opportunities

Employees cash in on discounts and other attractive opportunities

Has your employer enrolled with Merits & Benefits? Then, as an employee, you'll have access to a series of promotions at hundreds of different retailers, chain stores, web-shops and amusement parks in Belgium. You'll be able to save thousands of euros every year!

Make the absolute most of your purchasing power

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