Belgian consumers are once again the champion coupon user

Just like last year, Belgium is top of the European ranking of countries where residents use the most coupons.

This is shown by the figures announced by HighCo DATA Benelux in Asse (see article Made in Vlaams Brabant). These figures show that Belgian households saved 103 million euros on their spending last year. Nowhere else in the world are coupons so widespread. Furthermore, digital solutions such as e-couponing are also becoming increasingly popular.

In 2015, every Belgian used an average of 6.6 manufacturer coupons. This high average number per resident per year puts us at the top of the world ranking of consumers who use coupons. Second place is held by the French who used 4.7 coupons per resident last year.

In total, Belgian households saved about 103 million euros in 2015 thanks to coupons. This figure has remained fairly stable in recent years.


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