Michel government’s first year: workers’ purchasing power only shows slight increase

Purchasing power is important for the working Flemish. It indicates how much a person can buy with their disposable income.

Now that the Michel government has been in power for one year, it appears that workers benefit from a monthly purchasing power of five euros. This is not really anything to write home about and no index jump has occurred yet. Fortunately, employers can take advantage of the Merits and Benefits platform to significantly increase the purchasing power of their employees.

Photo: Ivan Put

The Michel government has primarily increased the purchasing power of low-wage earners. They save about 100 to 150 euros per year, but this figure is uncertain. We must also allow for higher health insurance, lower mortgage tax relief and impending measures that will sharply reduce purchasing power. For example, the index jump.

The online Merits and Benefits platform provides you as an employer an alternative way of supplementing the wages of your employees and increasing their purchasing power. They receive immediate discounts and promotions from numerous shops, amusement parks and webshops throughout Belgium and they no longer need to worry about the imminent index jump.

You can find more information about the Michel government measures on the De Standard website.