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Over the past ten years, Merits & Benefits have seen that ‘purchasing power' influences work-life balance in a positive way. This is why we developed a platform that offers unbeatable benefits for employers, employees and merchants and traders. Our mission: to increase purchasing power and create more space to enjoy life!

Through the discounts and advantageous offers at the affiliated merchants, employers offer their employees tons of added value and also promote the balance between work and private life.

Employees feel happier and more motivated, resulting in better performance. Furthermore, they are more involved in their company – a boost for the work atmosphere!

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  • Local, national and international offers
  • Permanent range supplemented with temporary actions
  • Certainty that the discounts are actually received and used
  • All discounts online, in one place that's always accessible
  • Exclusive: only for the employees of our clients


  • The merchants and sales teams from M&B work very closely together
  • We follow up suggestions for new promotions
  • We continuously update the range we have on offer
  • You receive notice of the different benefits and advantages on offer in different ways: online, with discount coupons, tickets, vouchers or with the M&B rewards card


  • High-value staff communication and word-of-mouth simulates the use of the platform
  • We share information via newsletters, posters, flyers, narrowcasting and other avenues ...
  • Result: a boost for your image as an employer
  • Your employees make more intensive use of your intranet because of the uplifting, vitally important information available on there


  • We record statistics to measure the use of the platform
  • We share information about the visitor numbers, the number of coupons printed, the newsletter click-through ratios, etc.
  • Every year we organise an evaluation appointment with each of our clients


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